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I am trying to "share" a home directory between two separate Ubuntu installations. On my HDD I have an Ubuntu 11.04 installation with a separate /home partition that uses encryption. My data currently lives there.

I just got a new SSD and installed Ubuntu 12.04 on it. What I'm trying to do is use the Ubuntu 12.04 install as the system drive, but store all my data on the Ubuntu 11.04 /home partition. In the new 12.04 install, I did include a /home folder for storing system configuration and programs, but I would like to be able to mount the /home partition from the 11.04 install to store all my data.

I am able to mount the encrypted /home partition from 11.04 but it isn't a very seamless process, as you need to be root to edit access it once it's mounted in /media. Is there any way to mount/automount and "login" to the /home data partition and basically use the partition seamlessly in the 12.04 install?

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Are there any clues in the /etc/fstab from your 11.04 installation? –  Elder Geek Feb 27 at 19:45
Do you still have this problem? –  Elder Geek Mar 25 at 20:18

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