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Is there any way to turn off window grouping with dockbarx? I use the Prism app to create standalone windows for gmail, my corporate webmail, and a few other sites. Because they all use Prism, instead of displaying as separate shortcuts with the custom icons I assigned to each when creating them, they all display together under a single Prism button, using the Prism icon.

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Currently they are working on it.It will be available in next release. – karthick87 Dec 22 '10 at 17:40
Could you point me to where you found that? After I posted the question, I found a post from the author of the applet (link to which of course I can't find now) which states that he is never planning on doing this, as he thinks it's useless and completely goes against what dockbarx is supposed to do. – EmmyS Dec 22 '10 at 18:12

In case anyone else is interested in ungrouping Prism windows (this is ONLY for Prism), the DockbarX developer responded to another question of mine and indicated that he's hoping to include this functionality in the next release. Again, this is ONLY for Prism windows; he's not planning on allowing ungrouping of "normal" apps.

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Unfortunately, I was unable to find an option to disable this behaviour, and I would suggest you report a bug to the dockbarx developers (if you don't want to let me know and I'll do it). The only option I could find was to show a window list, but since you are using launchers, you won't be able to accomplish this with Dockbarx.

You could however use a drawer on gnome-panel to achieve a somewhat similar effect (plus an extra click, unfortunately).

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