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I recently installed Lubuntu. The terminal look and feel are not as good as compared to L&F for terminal that I used use in Ubuntu 12.04.

I would like to know from where and how can I download the same terminal that I was using Ubuntu 12.04.

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The terminal that you get along with the LXDE package is lxterminal. To install the terminal application that generally comes along GNOME is gnome-terminal.


Type in

sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal

in the lxterminal.

another good looking terminal that allows you to dropdown on pressing F12, looks fancy and comes handy is the guake terminal. Try it by typing :

sudo apt-get install guake

in the lxterminal.

And hope those are the last commands that you use in lxterminal

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You just have to install it from the repositories. It will pull in some dependencies, but they won't affect your system.

Click here to install: gnome-terminal Install gnome-terminal

Or run sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal

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