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I installed nagios3 on ubuntu server 10.04.1. It was working fine.

Today, I found it stopped and when I tried to start it using sudo /etc/init.d/nagios3 start, it did not start. I found this in the log file:

Nagios 3.2.0 starting... (PID=11729)
Local time is Wed Dec 22 14:15:31 2010
Caught SIGSEGV, shutting down...

I tried to remove and re-install it without success. After googling, it seems that no one has a solution for this. I don't want to install it from source unless it is really the last hope.

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I've seen a couple of cases of people with this problem.

No-one seems to have reported a bug though - I would suggest you do this by pressing Alt+F2 and entering ubuntu-bug nagios3. This will greatly increase the chance that the Ubuntu nagios maintainers will be able to help you.

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From the crash stacktrace I managed to work out that this is related to the Nagios update checking code. As a workaround, you can disable the update check, and Nagios should then work as normal (at least it does for me!). i.e. in /etc/nagios3/nagios.cfg set


I've added the stacktrace and workaround to this bug report.

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Thanks for your answer, but I can not try it! I have already re-installed a fresh ubuntu server. Installing nagios3 from source code did not fix the problem. – Khaled Jan 6 '11 at 11:32

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