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I've installed the set of Helvetica Neue truetype fonts in my ~/.fonts directory, and they all show up correctly with fc-list. However, if an application selects the standard font, it's returning the medium style instead of the regular, e.g.:

$ fc-match "Helvetica Neue"
HelveticaNeueMedium.ttf: "Helvetica Neue" "中黑"

If I remove the medium font from the system, it gets the correct one:

$ fc-match "Helvetica Neue"
HelveticaNeue.ttf: "Helvetica Neue" "標準體"

I'm sure this can be corrected in fonts.conf, but what's the entry required? The only workaround I have right now is to remove the medium style as above, but this means I can't access it at all.

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