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I got problems some weeks ago with my NVIDIA G86 (8500 GT), supposedly due to the infamous 295.40 version of the driver. I got errror messges like NVRM: RmInitAdpterFailed. Tried varous sugestions about setting kernel acpi and memory options, but no luck.

I pulled in x-swat and got 302.17, if I remember correctly. It did not help.

People recommended xorg-edgers , so I pulled that in and got kernel and nvidia 304.43 but the problem remained.

Getting slightly panicked, I tried to back back to vanilla 12.04, so I purged nvidia* and located and removed anything on the system that smelled nvidia.

I installed nouveau, cause people said it was great, but as it turns out, my card does not seem to be supported.


So now I fear that I have atmessed up system, and graphics is terrible. Any help would be appreciated.



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Also tried 173.14.35, Same problem with RmInitAdapter failed! – Stefan Sep 6 '12 at 21:14
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Well, finally I got things working again. It seems as if the graphics card was broken.

I booted up a 12.04 ubuntu installation CD and got the same problem as with my updated system. So, I tested the monitor on another computer and it worked fine.

I have now tossed the G86 card and bought a new GeForce GT 520 and everything works fine.

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