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Well, to begin with Here's webpage: http://seedconference.com/seed.php

Here's its CSS:

p {
font-family: times, Times New Roman, times-roman, georgia, serif;

Here's alias:

$ fc-match times

n021003l.pfb: "Nimbus Roman No9 L" "Regular"

Firefox shows everything as it should be, but Chrome shows in Liberation Serif.

I tried to play with Chrome's font settings. But it didn't change anything.

Any solutions?

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It appears to be using Times Roman for me. Perhaps I'm running a later version?

Here is a suggestion for tracking down the problem. Run chrome with the FC_DEBUG environment variable set. Then you can see what fonts it is using.

FC_DEBUG=1 google-chrome http://seedconference.com/seed.php > ~/Desktop/Out

saved all the fonts accessed into ~/Desktop/Out. I find

grep file: ~/Desktop/Out

useful for listing the fonts actually used.

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