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I am on 12.04, fresh install. When I boot, the boot screen says Connecting to network, later it is changed to something like Did not connect, trying for another 60s.

However, the network does not connect at the boot. But I can then log in without a network connection, and if I start a network manager service manually from the terminal with sudo service network-manager start, the network is connected without any problems.

Please, does anybody know where the problem could be? I don't want to wait more than two minutes every computer restart.

I am new to Ubuntu (and also to upstart) so I am a bit lost. There is no /var/log/messages, in dmesg I found this record, though it may not be related:

init: network-interface (eth1) pre-start process (492) terminated with status 1

init: network-interface (eth1) post-stop process (548) terminated with status 1
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This is because your BIOS settings is enabled with Network boot option.

Everytime it boots, it checks to see if there is a TFTP server sitting on the other side is giving image for network booting. This is not your case.

Since you already have a Ubuntu running locally, please go to BIOS during boot and disable the network boot option. Then your problem is resolved.

Concluding in a single line, just "Disable network boot option in BIOS settings".

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