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I've read before where this had happened to another user with the same system...

I was running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Kernel and decided to give xorg-edgers a try. I purged fglrx* and xorg* before beginning. I upgraded with

sudo apt-get upgrade -d

The system downloaded and installed 109MB worth of data to the system, including llvmpipe which I am very unfamiliar with, and Kernel

The system was then rebooted to finalize the upgrade.

The system boots to a black screen and then tells me "The system is running in low-graphics mode".

Did I miss a step in the install? Or do the newest open-source drivers just not work with my hardware? I realize this hardware (APU) is some of the newer development. I dropped to command via the fallback menu and attempted to boot lightdm as root, but the system hangs in 'Configuring kernel parameters' at

  • Starting initializes zram swaping.

...and then it just sits there. The other thing that concerns me is the output at the top of the screen that says:

could not write bytes: Broken pipe

Does llvmpipe work for this type of system? To be clear the system is:

MSI x370-206us Laptop Radeon HD 6320 AMD e450 APU 1.67ghz dual-core

Any help would be much appreciated. Like I said, I'm pretty sure I followed the right order of operations for the install procedure, but I was curious if anyone with similar hardware had experienced anything similar.

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