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I use Xubuntu on a computer with an Intel 82852/82855GM video card and have a nasty problem with video playback: after some time of playback a video player screen comes just blue, and when I close it my screen is filled with garbage and the system hangs. The workaround I've found is using mplayer with -vo x11 to render it software. I understand (because the same case caused similar problem in Arch I used half a year ago, not just Ubuntu, and the problem never occurs when I use other window managers than XFWM) that this is probably a problem of the combination of My Intel card with XFWM. From this comes the problem - where to submit the bug - to XFCE bug tracker or to Intel one (which I even have no idea where to look for). At the same time I wouldn't like to register in those issue trackers just to use them once. So I am not straight about submitting the bug, but can explain clearly how to reproduce it, which, I believe can itself still be a useful contribution to the community.

So, is there a way to submit a bug I've experienced without complications, for better-qualified specialists to review it and put into corresponding issue trackers themselves if they aren't there yet?

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We really encourage you to use the bug tracker even if you aren't sure which package(s) the symptoms affect. A dedicated team will triage your bug report and assist in engaging the relevant upstream developers so that an appropriate fix can be developed, tested, and made available in an Ubuntu release.

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We even encourage you to report any bugs to launchpad so the developers can determine if the bug is caused by Xubuntu before it goes upstream. – charlie-tca Dec 22 '10 at 19:27

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