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The code below runs well in Bash and shows text with proper green background color but when I add it to the ~/.byobu/bin/ folder it shows the escape characters instead. Something like [42m[1mAAPL:30.345 (B[m

echo `tput setab 2;tput bold`AAPL:`curl -s '' | cut -d, -f2;tput sgr0`
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You need other color specifiers in screen (see Manpage of screen(1)). So first you should save the value in a variable:

AAPL=$(curl -s '' | cut -d, -f2)

And in the second step you can output it with printf:

printf "\005{= b}%s%s\005{-}" "AAPL: " "$AAPL"
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...I'm having precisely the same issue with the tmux backend – badp Jul 11 '14 at 13:16

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