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Our Windows Domains is controlled by Windows Server 2003

I installed Ubuntu version 12.04 on a machine and I'm trying to put this machine in the domain.

I searched many tutorials on the Internet, both setting Likewise as installing only the samba and kerberos, the machine gets to enter the domain, I can authenticate through the kinit command, but it's time to close the session to login with domain user login screen only shows the local user that was created at the installation and when I put the password Ubuntu denies saying it is invalid.

The last tutorial I know is this. http://blogdovicente.com/2008/07/25/ubuntu-804-autenticando-no-ad/

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I managed to solve. The problem was that Ubuntu would not let him enter the DOMAIN \ user to login, had to change user settings. For that accomplished the following commands. After entering the machine in the domain, to perform these changes in user settings. Path: / etc / LightDM / lightdm.conf allow-guest = false / / disable Responsible for the guest user. show-manual-greeter-login = true / / Show the other option for the user - this parameter was used. Tell manually. greeter-hide-users = true * / / Hides all users, including the locations. –  GEORGE VICTOR Sep 6 '12 at 13:28
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