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I updated my Nvidia drivers via the Additional Drivers tab and the installation went ahead and installed then requested a reboot, after the reboot I lost the desktop and it instead booted to command line. So in response to this I ran these 2 commands to repair it.

sudo apt-get purge nvidia*

then reinstalled the drivers by running this.

sudo apt-get install nvidia-current-updates-dev

I regained my desktop environment after a reboot but since then my screen (Benq 27") is now shown under Displays as a Laptop and it will not detect the Benq, even though it does offer a full range of resolutions and aspect ratios.

Can someone please give me a push into the right direction please?

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Unless zuberuber's answer has resolved the problem, would you please add the output of the following commands to your question: sudo lshw -numeric -c video, lsmod, and xrandr -q ? If the answer has solved the problem would you please accept it so future visitors with a similar problem will know that? – John S Gruber Sep 13 '12 at 15:42

I'd recommend doing this steps:

  1. Uninstall current driver

  2. Remove /etc/xorg.conf

  3. Install nvidia drivers through jockey or command line

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