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I want to set a shortcut for my terminal window so that when I type terminal in desktop it will open. Is there any way to make a custom typing shortcut? Like WWW and something like that?

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You can use a very useful bash alias for that. Edit or create the file ~/.bash_aliases. Then state your aliases like below, entering one alias per line.

Here are a few examples

alias www='chromium-browser'
alias wwwproxy='chromium-browser'
alias myserver='ssh'

Then, in your terminal, you can call these shortcuts

$ www 
    -- Opens chromium with a blank or home page
$ wwwproxy 
    -- Opens in chromium using a proxy
$ myserver 
    -- connects to your ssh server
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@user689893---nice answer – user61928 Oct 3 '12 at 8:16

you can have a look at system->preferences->keyboard shortcuts.

Default shortcut for terminal is alt+ctrl+t

you can set your custom shortcuts.

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