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I have an HP laptop with Windows 7 installed.
How can I use Ubuntu in full-screen mode via virtualbox or any other software?

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  • In virtualbox [Host Key] + F works for fullscreening.
    alt text
  • By default your Host key will be Right Ctrl in VirtualBox.
  • You can also change your host key,to change your host key open virtualbox and then goto File menu and choose preferences.
  • In preferences choose input,you can see your host key there.
    alt text
  • You can change it if you need.
  • Also you have to install Guest Additions to enable full screen mode.

Installing Guest Additions for full screen

  • Go to Devices and choose Install Guest additions on the top of your virtualization window.
    alt text

  • Open the Guest Additions folder which should be on your Desktop in Ubuntu or in Places menu, and open Autorun.sh in terminal by double clicking on the autorun.sh file and picking run in Terminal from the pop-up window button options.Type in your password and wait a few minutes to install guest editions. alt text

  • After installing Guest additions restart your virtual machine(ubuntu). alt text

  • Now you will have better performance and bigger display resolutions.

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While karthick87 explains how to put VirtualBox in "full screen" mode, you should also install virtualbox-ose-guest-dkms Install virtualbox-ose-guest-dkms, virtualbox-ose-guest-utils Install virtualbox-ose-guest-utils & virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 Install virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 inside the virtual machine first. (Otherwise only some basic low VGA/VESA resolutions will be available.)

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The new VirtualBox version 4.0 has a new feature that allows Dynamic screen size setting (to match the host resolution) by just resizing the window (a feature VMWare has had) and now the X11 config is not so important.

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If you have problem of Full screen Just Install Virtualbox 4.3.8 It would be work

After hard-work of 3 days i uninstall Old or new virsion of virtualbox and installed 4.3.8
After installation, don't do anything just Click on Devices and then cleck on install Guest Additions..and after some process then reboot and finally You will get what you want really....

Don't forget to Reboot after process


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