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I'm running an Ubuntu server, and I got a problem with an SAP extension for php.

I decided to uninstall php and reinstall it but now nothing works at all.

This how I installed php :

apt-get install checkinstall

the installation works fine, but I don't understand why nothing works anymore.

Thanks in advanced for your help

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?. the code you used to install php is for compiling an app? and making a deb file(i think) last command should be "make install" to install it on your system! but you can install php like so "sudo apt-get install php5"(i think i am on a windows machine right now. at the top of my head, thats the command used to install php) without the need for compiling. – blade19899 Sep 4 '12 at 9:42
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The code you used to install php is for compiling software? and making a .deb file!

The last command should be sudo make install to install it on your system! instead of

apt-get install checkinstall checkinstall

The right way to install an app, is so sudo apt-get install php5 without the need for compiling.

The bit of standard commands for compiling are.

sudo make install

checkinstall is for making .deb files!

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