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I've been using BackInTime with Ubuntu 12.04. The disk I was saving to is no longer available. BackInTime insists that I bring it back. (It says "Can't find snapshots folder. If it is on a removable drive please plug it and then press OK")

No matter what I've tried, I can't seem to get beyond this point. I've even tried removing BackInTime and re-installing it. The problem persists.

How can I change the snapshots path without the missing disk?

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You'll have to manually edit BackInTime's config file for your new snapshot location. Press Alt+F2 and type gedit .config/backintime/config

Change the line profile1.snapshots.path=/old/path into profile1.snapshots.path=/new/path. Save and exit. You have to move the old backintime folder to that location before starting BackInTime.

Alternative if you lost all your previous snapshots and just want to start new you can remove the config by press Alt+F2 and type rm .config/backintime/config

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