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Possible Duplicate:
Very hot running with ubuntu

I am having overheating problems with Ubuntu 12.04. Average temperature is approximately 70-74 °C and when Skype is turned on it goes nuts over 80 °C. Elipse refuses to open for some reason and of course everything is slower than it should be. I also had Linux Mint 11 installed and same thing happened. Strange thing is when running Windows, everything is okay and temperature is normal. Of course I have googled this issue and found some advices like install Jupiter which helped just a bit, installed additional drivers, opened laptop and cleaned it completely, disabled fan always on option from Bios. I have also switched from Unity to classic old look and still temperature is the same. Somehow I think it has something to do with the graphics card but I am all lost now. Any advices? Thank you!

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Sounds like a hardware problem. Check that your computer is a little off the table, at least 1/4 inch. Check to see if the built in fan turns freely. Blow it out with canned air to keep it free from dust.


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Hello Andrew. Thanks for the answer! Fan is turning freely. I have cleaned the laptop yesterday and changed thermal paste. Moving it off the table will not help because the fan is to the left side and not below. – Ivan Sep 3 '12 at 20:41

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