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I'm in the process of reinstalling Ubuntu overwriting the previous OS because it wouldn't boot after updates. I'm doing it using a USB stick. Half way through the install it shows a message with the following error: It's not possible to install GRUB at /dev/sdb; grub-install/dev/sdb failed.

This is a fatal error. I think its trying to install it onto the USB stick (sdb)? I then have the option to chose another device to install the bootloader to /dev/sda ATA ST320LTO12-9WS14(320.1GB) or to /dev/sda1. There is also an option to continue without installing the bootloader or to cancel the installation. This is my first experience with Linux and Ubuntu!

This is a link to first question I asked to try to solve the first problem with Ubuntu not booting properly but that got to a dead end! Ubuntu not booting properly it has all the steps I took to get to this point. Thanks.

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The OP solved the problem (originally written as an edit to the question):

Problem solved. I chose to install the bootloader to /dev/sda but after the computer didn't boot at all. I booted using the USB and started the reinstall process again, didn't get any errors and it's working fine now.

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