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I can't find it. I can't run it. I have no idea what to do now that it's on my computer. I'm new at this stuff.

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I went to and selected the Web Start. Firefox asked me how I wanted to run the file and I selected Ice Tea Java (that's OpenJDK 6 in the software center).

After that it downloaded some stuff in a window and then loaded. And it put an icon on my desktop. I'm good to go.

In short: Install Java and use the web start.

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Seems to me you did not extract it correctly.

Try this if you already didn't.

  • Download it again

  • Use archive manager to extract it.

  • When it asks you to to extract, extract it to downloads.

  • Open the folder

  • Find a .exe file of possible and your done.

If you did not find any executable distribution of any kind then run

sudo -apt install "file.exe" 

if that does not help contact me again if you will.

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