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I have recently bought a new 64GB Lexar USB with the long model name of LJDV10-64G-000-106, and I am having issues partitioning it. I am able to mount, read and write to the USB without any issues but whenever I try to partition it with GParted it doesn't show up in the dropdown. Also while using the command sudo fdisk -l I receive the error fdisk: unable to seek on /dev/sdc: Invalid argument. This is a brand new USB so I am not sure why I am having these issues, especially since the device is functioning perfectly with read/write.

I have tried reformatting it on a windows machine but that does not seem to do anything.

For those who want a visual my USB looks almost exactly like

Lexar 8GB USB

But 64GB rather than 8GB

Edit: I have just ran GParted from the terminal and I am getting a similar error, but it may give more information on the issue.

Could not determine physical sector size for /dev/sdc.
Using the logical sector size (512).
Invalid argument during seek for read on /dev/sdc

Also clearing my USB with /dev/zero fails with the the message

$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc bs=1M
dd: writing `/dev/sdc': No space left on device
1+0 records in
0+0 records out
0 bytes (0 B) copied, 0.00167254 s, 0.0 kB/s
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Sorry about the confusion, the issue wasn't the USB, it was the kernel version I was using. I decided to delete and use the kernel ubuntu provided by default.

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