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I am using Ubuntu 10.04, and I want to add a video file to Bombono DVD 0.5.5 - but it complains the file does not contain "NAV packets". The file was obtained by dvdrip, from a DVD (no transcoding - it is the actual VOB file in the temp folder).

My question is: how do I add these NAV packets to the video file, so the DVD authoring program Bombono can accept it?

Bombono's error message also says:

Bombono DVD can use "DVD-ready" video only now. Use muxing programs like "mplex -f 8" (from mjpegtools), mencoder (from mplayer) or transcode to make your video ready for Bombono DVD.

So, I have tried mplex -f 8 -o output.vob input.vob, but it returns:

**ERROR: [mplex] File input.vob unrecogniseable!

I don't know how the mencoder command could be used for the purpose... anyone can help me?

NOTE: upgrading Bombono is not an option

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After some research and testing, I have reached the following command:

ffmpeg -i input.vob -f vob -target ntsc-dvd -vcodec copy -acodec copy output.vob

It is working fine! It does minimal processing (if it very fast), and the output is accepted by Bombono, i.e., the NAV packets are added!

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