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How to install Ubuntu 12.04 on a MacBook Pro?

I just bought one and I want to install Ubuntu alongside Mac OS X. I have tried the same way as with Windows, but it seems the Mac cannot recognize the Ubuntu CD.

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It sounds like you might have bought the latest MacBook Pro, which is the 10,1 model. People are still investigating how to get Ubuntu working completely on that hardware, so I would not recommend installing Ubuntu on it unless you know what you're doing and want to make a serious time commitment.

Here's the link to the relevant Ubuntu help page: There's a link to the forum thread where people are working on the hardware issues. There's also instructions on how to find out what model you have and a link to a directory of help pages for the older models.

Now to specifically answer your question...The general instructions for installing a dual-boot from the Ubuntu cd are here. It involves installing rEFIt. I expect it will work for you, but as I said above, the real problem may be afterwards, when trying to get all the hardware to work.

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ok , thank you. I will try my luck later. – 王子1986 Sep 3 '12 at 1:41

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