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Happily running an Ubuntu 64 bits systems since several months, I am today trying to install a 32 bits application on it !

Unfortunately this application has a lot of libraries dependencies that unfortunately not available in 32 bits on my system. I started to install them manually using apt-get install package:**i386** because I didn't want to install the hole ia32-libs package. Is it a good thing or not ? Unfortunately I am reaching a blocking point with sudo apt-get install libbonoboui2-0:i386 with a missing dependency on libgnome2-0:i386 tha t also miss a dependency and finally reaching a cyclic dependencies. How can I solve this ?

Moreover I want to understand what is the /usr/lib32 folder ? Running apt-get install package:**i386** causes libraries to be in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/, isn't it ?

What's the recommended way to run 32 bits apps in 64 bits system by installing only the required stuff ?

Many thanks, Manu

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