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Is it possible to build packages and uploading them to the launchpad through the Ubuntu based Linux operating systems?

My intention or requirement behind this question is to have a very light Ubuntu based system and have to upload packages from that system, is it possible?

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If you're just going to use a lightweight install of Ubuntu without the desktop packages, then yes, it is possible to create packages and upload to Launchpad. You'd need to have at least dput and build-essential packages installed in order to be able to build and upload packages. Preferably you'd also need devscripts, ubuntu-dev-tools and pbuilder in addition to build packages.

If you're going to use an Ubuntu-based distribution instead of Ubuntu, like Mint or something, then you need to ensure that the distribution you are using has the required packages (like dput for uploading and build-essential, devscripts and pbuilder for building) in order to build and upload packages.

You'll also have to set up dput according to the instructions here.

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Thanks , i am on it. could you suggest me a light OS based on Ubuntu on above requirements . it need to consume only 100-250 MB .all this for a old laptop of my amigo. – Raja Sep 2 '12 at 11:40

Uploading a package to a launchpad personal archive is indeed designed to be done from an Ubuntu system (it would be surprising if it required a different platform). Only command-line tools are required which hopefully satisfy the requirements for a lightweight system.

Packaging/PPA/Uploading explains the process, using the dput tool.

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yeah i am familier with all those things but i want to know weather it can be done from ubuntu based linux or not because my postitives are they are from Ubuntu so i am thinking like that . thank you. – Raja Sep 2 '12 at 9:12

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