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I'd like to drag a few more folders to the places sidebar in nautilus, but want to group these new ones separately to the default folders (like Dropbox, Downloads and Documents). Is there a way to add a new separator to the list?

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This is not ideal but as far as I can see the only option you have short of filing a bug and chasing it through or writing and applying a patch.

  • Open Nautilus
  • Browse to a directory that you don't want to bookmark, for example /bin
  • From the Bookmarks menu click on "Add Bookmark"
  • Then Right click on the bookmark for /bin and choose "Rename..."
  • Rename the bookmark to "----------"
  • Close Nautilus and open it again
  • you now have something that looks vaguely but not very much like a separator.

EDIT: Looks like there is already a bug filed for this. Add your own point of view here.

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Hack on the code.

AFAIK there's no gconf (or other) way to alter the places that aren't bookmarks.

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Hack the world ;) – A.B. Jun 25 '15 at 18:28

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