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I am using Sony Vaio laptop and I have installed 12.04. My bluetooth is not working. Neither it can search any device nor the opposite. I generally use bluetooth modem (mobile phone) for Internet in home but unable to do this.

Please help me to solve the problem. I have seen many posts regarding this problem and tried all possible solutions but those could not solve the problem.

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Is there a hardware switch for Bluetooth? – Mitch Sep 1 '12 at 8:46

Please post the output of rfkill list

  • If bluetooth is soft blocked, try sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth

  • If it's hard blocked, you have to search for a hardware switch or bios setting

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I had the same issue, But then figured it out that the network adapter was switched off with the explicit function key provided by the laptop manufacturer when I was using windows. The blue tooth in Ubuntu started working after it was enabled in the windows boot

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