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Opera unite is a feature in the Opera browser that was abandoned in Opera 12.

In Windows, keeping Opera 11 and installing v12 on top of it, or upgrading, opera-unite stays into the browser.

In Ubuntu, by installing the v12 deb or by upgrading to v12 after adding it to software sources (like this), opera-unite is lost.

Is there a way of upgrading to v12 without losing opera unite, like I was able to do in Windows?

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It may be possible to do so from source, but as they will be disabling their hosting of it soon, it would all be for nothing. – Lewis Goddard Sep 1 '12 at 8:05
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It seems that the simple way is just to use the last version of Opera (that does not have opera unite) and in parallel to use a "portable" Opera 11. That is, download the tar.gz file of Opera 11 (here), extract into any directory, and execute file. Of course, a shortcut (launcher,etc) could be added on the desktop or to menus. In Lubuntu, editing the opera.desktop.file, the menu would look like this: enter image description here

Of course, the solution (like the question) is limited to the period in which the server for opera-unite will still work. Hopefully, an extension would take the same functions into the future.

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