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What is the name of the disk partitioner used during installation?

I want to use the same one to partition disks, etc. I saw a demonstration where someone was using it to partition additional drives, LV's, etc. They were running it from the command line. I would like to use it instead of fdisk.

Would someone please provide the name of the executable?

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I believe, the package responsible for doing installation and hence the partitioning stuff is ubiquity.

It's dependency includes libparted0debian1 package which provides the main library doing the partitioning stuff. ( you can see this with apt-cache depends ubiquity command ). But the main executable program used to do partitioning is partman and partman_server which are programs included in ubiquity. Also the installation log file /var/log/installer/partman indicating this.

I removed parted from Live session and installed Ubuntu without it successfully. Though I have to remove also usb-creator-gtk package.

partman program is not intended for normal use. See the Warning! section in the package description in debian site. This program is not packaged as a standalone but included in ubiquity package instead in Ubuntu.

There are many front-end programs available for normal use. A good GUI alternative is gparted. gparted Install gparted

I found that partman is a seperate package in debian, but it is not in Ubuntu. The program is included in ubiquity package.

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It should be parted Install parted , the partitioning tool.

That's the backend used by Ubiquity (the graphical installer) to partition disks during installation. See man parted for documentation about how to use it directly from the command-line. You will, of course, have to run it as root (sudo parted).

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I am aware of parted however that is not the curses version is it? I should have stated that I am looking for the curses partition guide that the installation uses. – Van Aug 31 '12 at 14:13
Yes it is the cursed partition guide – smartboyhw Aug 31 '12 at 14:14
The disk partitioner during installation is not parted (to my surprise). It is partman which is included in ubiquity package – Anwar Shah Aug 31 '12 at 17:21

parted is the backend generally used by most of the partitioners used on linux - You can find the manpage for it here. The manual I see seems to state that ext3 support dosen't work, but you'd want to check that with the manpage on the same distro.

If you're working with lvms you'd also need pvcreate to create the volumes, vgcreate to create the volume group, and lvcreate to create the logical volume - there's a howto here and elsewhere - neither parted nor fdisk will do that.

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