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I used Opera mainly for the Unite feature now to be abandoned.
It is missing in v. 12. Some say its features will re-emerge in future extensions etc. Until then, Unite is still accessible in v. 11. Where do I get the v.11 deb?

As opera-unite is no longer supported, it is possible that the server that provides the file sharing etc will soon be unaccessible. Even if that is the case the question should maybe not be closed at it has a general usefulness independently of the unite issue.

(It seems that in Windows upgrading from v.11 to v.12 keeps the unite. Not in Ubuntu, as far as I can tell.)

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Here is the x86 variant of the latest version before 12 (that is, version 11.64).

Even older versions can be found here.
A more pleasing interface to the Opera version search can be found here.
The Opera archive can be found here.

Note: In order to use both Opera 11 and a later build simultaneously, one of them should be an alpha, beta, or nightly build.

So, after installing version 11, the latest bleeding-edge version of Opera can be also installed and used.

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