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I just installed 12.04 and when clicking mailto: links Thunderbird opens. I want Gmail to open in the browser that the mailto: link is clicked. So if I am in Firefox and click a mailto: link a new FF tab opens with Gmailloaded. And if I am in Chrome and click a mailto: link then a new Chrome tab opens up with Gmail loaded.

Is there a way to do this via some script? Or would I need to set this in some system settings?

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gnome-gmail lets you do exactly that.

This is what reads from the Description section in the control file of gnome-gmail package.

support for Gmail as the preferred email application in GNOME

To install gnome-gmail, run this command:

sudo apt-get install gnome-gmail

After installing, open gnome-gmail and adjust your settings.

However, if and when you click on the mailto: links, it will open a Gmail tab in the preferred browser instead of whichever browser you are currently in.

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There is an option for that in firefox.

Edit -> Preferences -> Applications -> mailto


Firefox menu -> Options -> Options -> Applications -> mailto

Firefox Options Page

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This is now really easy to do in Chrome:


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