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I am abort to make an Python app with Quickly.

The app need to store some data in an database,

To this I am planing to use MongoDB.

So my question is like this:

How can I make the py-app to auto install MongoDB and PyMongo,

If the user don´t have this installed?

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When you package your application, You'll have to say what extra programs (Dependencies) are needed by you application.

So then when a user installs you program it will check whether all the dependencies are met or not, if not then it will auto install the dependencies.

Here is a guide:

I've not used quickly, but i think the idea should be the same in quickly.

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After reading zerefs answered i find this tread abort quickly and dependencies.. And it look like I just need to do import and quickly will do the rest :-)… – Voidcode Aug 30 '12 at 22:35

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