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I tried to find this info everywhere and couldn't find it. I already change mongodb.conf so I forget where the original directory is.

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When you are searching a file in your filesystem while you are running Ubuntu a very easy way to find it is to do the following:

  1. Update the database with your files (may be a bit slow, depending on when it run the last time automatically from your system):

    sudo updatedb
  2. Search for the corresponding file (super quick):

    locate mongodb.conf

The config file name has recently change, now use locate mongod.conf (no more "b") (or just locate '*mongo*.conf', if you aren't sure).

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The config file name has recently change, now use "locate mongod.conf" (no more "b") – Nick Pineda May 21 at 21:49

I'm not sure for amazon ec2 exactly but on my machine it is located at /var/lib/mongodb

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IMO finding files with locate isn't the best approach, since you have to know the identical name of the file you're searching

Try instead

find / -name mondo*.conf
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Have you looked at locate's manpage? It supports both wildcards and regular expressions. – muru May 22 at 16:41
You are right, I haven't - yet you could've gave an example of its usage in the same scenario. – Betro Hakala May 22 at 17:00
locate '*mongo*.conf', or simply: locate mongo. – muru May 22 at 17:03

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