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I have a problem with the Evolution e-mail program.

Since a while i get from certain people mails with the attachment winmail.dat.

I have installed the evolution-experimental-plugins package for the TNEF plugin but with no succes. (The winmail.dat attachment still shows up.)

I also have asked if those who send me one of those mail if they could change it in the settings but they refused.

Can someone help me?

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TNEF is a program for unpacking MIME attachments of type "application/ms-tnef".

(from the Software Center's description of package tnef).

You are supposed to restart your Evolution after installing evolution-experimental-plugins (source) and normally you would see the winmail.dat file as well as the unpacked document (source). This means that it will not be "hidden" or disappear in any way.

Installing the stand-alone tnef package will allow to unpack the winmail.dat file, once downloaded, thus:

tnef winmail.dat


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