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I have installed "Jupiter" on my Sony VAIO VPCZ2 laptop. it is very useful for me. I want to know what is the functionality of "jupiter-support-eee" package? is it only for eee netbook? can i install it on my laptop?


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It looks as if "jupiter-support-eee" is intended only for EeePC's.

From an article on OMG Ubuntu:

*EeePC netbooks that have the addition jupiter-support-eee package installed can also benefit from the following extra features: -

  1. Super Hybrid Engine
  2. GMA Overclock
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Do you have some experience about it? – Saeed Zarinfam Aug 29 '12 at 19:33
Not personally, no. But the Super Hybrid Engine is an ASUS-specific technology (see this page:, so that feature of jupiter-support-eee would be of little-to-no use on a non-ASUS laptop. I am unsure about the GMA Overclock feature, but my suspicion is that it also works by "talking" to a certain module or piece of firmware that would only be present on an EeePC. – mblasco Aug 29 '12 at 20:22

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