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I am using Ubuntu 12.04. I have installed KDE-plasma-netbook for testing, but when i have selected that session from login screen, i hear the login sound but i got nothing on the desktop (screen). It's completely empty blank screen. Help me to solve this.

EDIT: Here we go! i can get ALT+F2 launcher and i can launch dolphin or any application but my desktop is look like the image i am attaching now .enter image description here

Any Help appreciated ,:)

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Could you post a screenshot? What do you mean by blank screen? Don't see anything but mouse and system responds? Like if you press ALT+F2 does it work? – LnxSlck Aug 29 '12 at 12:58
i can see mouse but there is no desktop , no system menu .its just a empty desktop and screen shot means i got nothing there . how could i ? – Raja Aug 29 '12 at 13:00
You didn't answer his last question. – Cumulus007 Aug 29 '12 at 13:20
@LnxSlck Hi i have tried and i got it .ok i will add the remaining thing in the main post – Raja Aug 29 '12 at 13:31

Had the same problem, but didn't want plasma-desktop as I'm installing on a cutdown netbook. Eventually found

Alt+F2 then type plasma-netbook

to get the interface. Looked in System Settings > Startup and Shutdown and noticed that the "plasma-netbook" entry had a "--desktop" option. I disabled it and created an entry with just the "plasma-netbook" command. The system now works without having to have installed the "kde-plasma-desktop" package.

Hope that helps

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Thanks simon , hope this could help someone in future . – Raja Sep 19 '12 at 15:03

I have found that this is caused by the KDE menu | system settings | Workspace behavior | Workspace | Workspace Type being set to "netbook".

If you change that setting to Desktop things should work fine.

Of course, this presumes you have a working desktop available to do this- I got a temporary one through using ALT+F2 and typing plasma-desktop in.

If you are stuck on the commandline then go to ~/.kde/share/autostart and remove --desktop from the first line (starting with Exec) of the plasma-netbook.desktop file (or just delete the whole file). Sync, reboot and you should be good.

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ok i got solved my issue . the mistake i did is sudo apt-get install kde-plasma-netbook. so its gave me back a blank desktop . but i am using a PC so i have tried with sudo apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop and its worked like charm . i have logout and login and now i have my desktop back .

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This solved my problem. I'm using 3.8.0-26-generic #38-Ubuntu. Thank you very much! – stackoverflower Jan 23 '14 at 21:08

Well, you should've installed kubuntu-destkop instead of the netbook.... Try to install kubuntu-desktopwith sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

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Thank you for the answer but i don't want Kubuntu desktop , because i just want to try the KDE but kubuntu desktop will gives its pkg's also . – Raja Aug 29 '12 at 13:39
Er, try "sudo apt-get install kde" then. If not I can't help. – smartboyhw Aug 29 '12 at 13:46
actually "raja@badfox:~/Documents$ apt-cache search kde-plasma-netbook kde-plasma-netbook - KDE Plasma Netbook and minimal set of applications" i need to try it . – Raja Aug 29 '12 at 13:48

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