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I want music (played e.g. via Audacious) to be played on speaker system, and all other sounds produced by other applications (including ubuntu sound effects) to be played on headphones.

  1. My computer has sound connectors at its back, and also connectors on its front panel. When I connect both headphones and speakers, only headphones work (I take it, the front connectors take precedence?). Should I purchase another sound card (in addition to the motherboard-integrated sound I have)?

  2. When I go to Audacious output settings, I see only the ouput plugin selection list, with PulseAudio selected and options like ALSA, OSS4 etc. But there's no facility to select particular output device (and I guess it wouldn't magically appear even if I had the second soundcard). Is this at all possible to bind specific application to particular output device?

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Maybe pavucontrol could help? Type 'pavucontrol' on a terminal window ou 'sudo apt-get install pavucontrol' to install it. –  desert_unbound Mar 9 at 18:25
I've already given this up, but thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try should I ever come back to this. –  Mike Mar 10 at 19:26

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