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I wish to assign Ctrl+Space to rhythmbox play/pause but cannot figure out how to do so using the keyboard menu, for whenever I try, it is disabled for i do not know what i am meant to type into the shortcut field.

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What do we need...

When rhythmbox is installed, there is a command based application called rhythmbox-client that can be used to control various aspects of Rhythmbox itself.

So how does it do it...

rhythmbox-client uses a process communication protocol called DBUS. Its the same protocol that the Unity Sound Indicator menu uses.

You need to ensure that this plugin is enabled in Rhythmbox

enter image description here

How to I assign a short-cut key...

Launch Keyboard from the Unity Dash.

enter image description here

The important part is the command and assigning the short-cut itself.

The command you need to use is rhythmbox-client --play-pause

So what else can I control...

If you run rhythmbox-client --help this will give you a list of command line options which you can control Rhythmbox.

The most useful options for keyboard control are:

  --quit                                   Quit Rhythmbox
  --next                                   Jump to next song
  --previous                               Jump to previous song
  --seek                                   Seek in current track
  --play                                   Resume playback if currently paused
  --pause                                  Pause playback if currently playing
  --play-pause                             Toggle play/pause mode
  --enqueue                                Add specified tracks to the play queue
  --clear-queue                            Empty the play queue before adding new tracks
  --print-playing                          Print the title and artist of the playing song
  --print-playing-format                   Print formatted details of the song
  --set-volume                             Set the playback volume
  --volume-up                              Increase the playback volume
  --volume-down                            Decrease the playback volume
  --print-volume                           Print the current playback volume
  --set-rating                             Set the rating of the current song

There are other options which you can use in - for example - shell scripts as well.

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Thank you, Worked perfectly – Boi Aug 29 '12 at 22:07
Default shortcuts are listed over at – colan Jan 16 '14 at 19:31
@colan: However, those are application-specific and only work when the Rhythmbox window is open and has focus. Global OS shortcuts as in the answer work anywhere, anytime. – Cedric Reichenbach May 23 at 11:30

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