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I was using 10.10, so I did not want to upgrade. I downloaded the ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso and burn into a pen-drive. I tried to install twice and both times, I got stucked on this orange screen without windows.

Then I downloaded again on a Mac, the same .iso, checked the md5 and burn to a CD. But again, I got the same orange screen.

I have four partitions, one is for Windows OS, the second a free space to files that I use on both OS, the third are Ubuntu and swap. Grub is OK.

The Ctrl+Alt+F1 method doesn't work.

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I have just installed the 32bit version but happened exactly like you. Start Ubuntu in Recovery mode from Grub, from there, start session in low graphics mode (I don't remember the name exactly) and installed the graphic drivers, that solved my problem for now. You can do this from a terminal, or from Recovery mode too, it may work to you.

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