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Or, is this a job for juju instead?

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Per an answer to my original (since edited) question by bigjools, I'm posting his answer here as well. See below... thanks bigjools!

Is it possible to specify an image or list of packages to install on a per-node basis in MAAS? Or, is this a job for juju instead?

That's a job for Juju.

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The "Juju way" of doing this is by writing a charm and installing the packages you need inside the "install" hook. Then, you can deploy the charm to a specific machine using --constraints. –  dimitern Oct 14 '14 at 7:08

Another question - Is it possible to have juju use a MAAS server as the master node? - was marked as an exact duplicate of this, but it is not. I cannot undo that change, so I will answer here for now:

Right now, Juju randomly chooses a node from the pool of machines that MAAS manages. In 12.10 we plan to honour hardware constraints given when a machine is requested from MAAS. Juju should be able to take advantage of that, to target the bootstrap node (referred to as "master node" in the question) to a particular machine.

However, afaik, there aren't any plans to allow users to put the bootstrap node on the machine running MAAS.

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