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Currently trying to set up a media server which I can control with my laptop or phone. After looking at all the options I decided upon using SSH to start mplayer in fullscreen. Everything is working fine. Until 30 minutes in when the monitor suspends. I can make the monitor wake up from suspension with the xset -dpms, but the screen stays black, until I plug in a peripheral and do some for of input.

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This sounds like Power Management Preferences. (Ubuntu 10.04) When I choose System --> Preferences--> Power Management the default for Monitor Standby is 30 minutes. The options are ranging from 1 minute to NEVER

ALSO, check your Screensaver Settings There is a check box where you can choose to "Activate Screen Saver when computer is idle." (Uncheck this box.) The default screensaver is "Blank" (Blank screen) ~ Hope this helps.

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