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I had my computer with Ubuntu 12.04 a few months without a network card and now it has a new and functional empathy I try to connect on Facebook or posting photos or import Shotwell right through my contacts I get this error:

Failed to get the "token" request: Can not resolve proxy hostname ()

How do I solve it?

-- Spanish

Tuve Mi computadora con Ubuntu 12.04 Unos Cuantos meses sin tarjeta de red y ahora que tiene una nueva y funcional me intento conectar en empathy o publicar Fotos En Facebook atravez de Shotwell o importar mis contactos Me sale este error:

Error al obtener el «token» solicitado: Cannot resolve proxy hostname ()

¿Como lo Resuelvo?

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the solution is simply,go to Network settings and turn off your proxy settings to none

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explain more please – user61928 Oct 2 '12 at 4:58

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