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Why can I no longer see the photos on my camera card after upgrading to 12.04 (64 bit)? In 10.04 LTS I could read the camera card and import photos happily. Now, under 12.04 LTS (64 bit) I can access the card in the camera and see the various folders, but cannot see the image files, nor can I import them to the HDD.

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There are basically two main options here:

1) The first solution is that perhaps your camera isn't properly mounted; you can actually browse the files in the .gvfs folder in your home folder if it has been mounted correctly (you will need to check show hidden files in your file browser).

The location of the gvfs folder for Ubuntu 12.10 and beyond is now: /run/user/username/gvfs.

See also my other answer below where I go into more details about manually mounting a camera (it is actually not model specific so may be very useful for you):

2) Take the memory card out and use a card-reader to access the files and use software that is specifically designed for that purpose and can import your photos into a meaningful directory structure. I have used rapid-photo-downloader before; it is available in the repositories and the official site contains detailed information on the program.

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