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I have a 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 installed. I used to login to a website ( but since a few days ago I get this message:

The connection was reset

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. This is the case in Firefox, and chrome. A friend of mine confirmed to me that the website is working fine and he could access it. And I can access many other websites and facing no issues except for this website.

I tried switching the use TLS 1.0 option as suggested by someone but this didn't fix it.

Can someone suggest a way to fix this issue?

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Works fine for me with Chrome 21 on Ubuntu 12.04. What browser are you using? – Cumulus007 Aug 27 '12 at 20:07
Are you sure this site isn’t filtered in your country? – AliNa Mar 6 '13 at 21:08

Resolved this by clearing Cookies and Cache in Firefox.

  1. In Firefox, at the top Menu go to History
  2. Clear Recent History
  3. In the Time Range to clear: drop-down, select Everything.
  4. Click the arrow next to Details to display the list of items that can be cleared.
  5. Select both Cookies and Cache (you can un-select others)
  6. Click Clear Now.
  7. Restart Firefox

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