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I have Kubuntu 12.04 and two identical VGA monitors. One I plugged via DVI-VGA adapter into the DVI port of my discrete AMD Radeon HD 6670, the other into the VGA port of my on-board graphic card (Radeon HD 6410D).

After installing Kubuntu I got a black screen, so I booted with nomodeset and installed AMD's catalyst drivers but only the monitor plugged into the discrete graphic card worked.

Using lspci I saw that the on-board graphics was not listed. Then I found in the BIOS settings the options "Surround View" and "Onboard Dual Link DVI" both disabled. After enabling both, the on-board graphics card shows up in lspci but in amdcccle, it only shows as [Uknown display]Uknown adapter.

When I try to enable xinerama, I get a black screen after rebooting on both monitors. I tried several options and hints from the web but nothing worked so far. I also reinstalled the AMD drivers several times.

What should I do?

Edit: Do you think it would help if I buy another DVI-VGA adapter and try to plug the monitor via this adapter into the DVI port of the on-board graphics card?

Okay, I think I try the additional DVI-VGA adapter and report back when this also does not work.

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