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I am going to upgrade/fresh install my system from Ubuntu 32 Bit PAE to 64 Bit. Apart from many things I want to backup, there is one thing I really need to make sure that is correctly backed up. This is the XBMC cache. My connection is slow and I do not want to spend 3 days again downloading all the information. What do I need to backup in order to have this working again. Note the following:

  1. The source of the movies will be in the same place. I will not change them. Right now they are in /media/movies for movies and /media/series for Tv series. They will still be like that once I update to 64 bit.

  2. The .xbmc in my home folder is the only thing I think I need to backup but I want to be 100% sure.

What else do I need to backup?

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  • The XBMC database is fully stored within ~/.xbmc/userdata and it should be sufficient to just archive ~/.xbmc and restore it.
  • However, for peace of mind, you may also want to consider using the XBMC:backup plugin and exporting/importing the database.

Source: XBMC Forums thread

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