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I'm struggling to sync some of the music tracks that I purchased via the Rhythmbox onto my mobile phone. Whenever I select "download" via the Ubuntu One app, the download keeps failing. This happens for some music but not others.

The music appears in Rhythmbox on my PC, so is there another way to to transfer my purchased music to my phone?

I'm finding it very confusing and I'm not sure what to do. I use Ubuntu 12.4 on my PC and my phone is Samsung Galaxy S2.

Also is there a user guide for absolute beginners anywhere?

Thanks for help/advice.

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Ubuntu One has two mobile apps: the files app, which lets you access the files you have synced (and upload photos you take on the mobile phone so they can then be synced elsewhere), and the music app, which lets you stream music you have synced to Ubuntu One provided you have a music streaming subscription (if you bought music via rhythmbox in the last few months, you should have it). Neither of these apps sync files to the phone. I suspect you're trying to use the files app rather than the music app, and would recommend you try the latter. At the same time, please contact support so we can address what certainly sounds like a bug.

Thank you.

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