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Possible Duplicate:
How do I install Ubuntu from an USB drive / create a live USB-stick?

I remember doing this from a while ago but I had to uninstall Ubuntu for.... capacity reasons. Now, could someone guide me? I'm using a 64-bit Windows 7 Intel Core i5 and I want to install 12.04 LTS. Also if anyone suggests I modify my BIOS settings, help me with this too.

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Please make your question more clear. What is actually you want to do? – tuxtu Aug 25 '12 at 2:35
I believe the Install Ubuntu option on the Live session will Install Ubuntu. – Uri Herrera Aug 25 '12 at 2:37
Uzumaki, I am trying to install Ubuntu from a Live USB. I can find a WUBI in the USB after making it a Live USB. I recall doing this from a few months ago but I do not remember anything else. – Lance Aug 25 '12 at 3:38

I hope you have a Live USB already , if not you have to create it .

  1. get pendrivelinux software , for creating Live USB from windows .

2.follow these steps

Select Ubuntu Desktop Edition from the dropdown list. enter image description here

enter image description here

click at browse and select your ISO file .Then click at create .this will create a live USB for you from windows .

for this part credit goes here

Now we have to configure the BIOS settings as Removal disk should be as 1st boot priority and HDD as 2nd . Now connect your USB and your PC will boot and take you to installation process .

After Ubuntu loading , you will get like this enter image description here , choose Install Ubuntu .Then it will directs you to Preparing to install Ubuntu where it will check about minimum requirement . Internet connection doesn't matter but you should have minimum empty space as its mentioned .Then click at continue.Then next step is allocate drive step ,look at the image .enter image description here , here you have to choose what kind of install you want to give . each type have its clear description , so you can easily understand . there partitioning you have to mention . make sure that you have selected an empty partition for Ubuntu install or a partition which you dont want . enter image description here enter image description here

you have to select the partition and you have to select it as EXT4/EXT3 and then mount point as / then click at create . Size is your wish but make sure about the minimum size (> 5 GB) .Creating swap is a good move .

more information on swap will be here : swapfaq.

Remaining steps are something like keyboard layout,languages and times Zones . I hope you can handle them safely .

Credit goes to softpedia

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