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I have a dual-boot system with Linux 12.04 and Windows 7. I use Windows Boot Manager, which I configured with EasyBCD through Windows.

Now, when I start up Ubuntu, GRUB appears, making me choose Ubuntu again. How can I disable GRUB?

I would like to disable Plymouth as well, because my resolution (1366x768) is not supported at all, and I already gave up trying to fix it.

Thank you very much!

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Get grub customizer, go to Preferences, disable show menu, and click save.

You can't remove plymouth, but you can disable the splash. Remove the package "plymouth-label".

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Can I unistall grub customizer after that? Is there another way? – m4nr Aug 24 '12 at 23:27
Yes, you can remove grub customizer after that. The other way is to manually edit /etc/grub/default, change GRUB_TIMEOUT to 0, and sudo update-grub. I usually recommend grub customizer bceause it is generally handy :) – Christopher Monsanto Aug 24 '12 at 23:44
If this works for you, could you accept my answer? – Christopher Monsanto Aug 25 '12 at 23:58

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