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I had been trying to install Ubuntu 12.4LTS on my netbook Eee PC 1011CX with preloaded Windows7.

  1. I successfully created a bootable USB stick ( following
  2. Then with Esc key at powering up, I could pick the bootable USB and load Ubuntu successfully. Ubuntu loads, so far so good. Now I decide to install it "within win7" dual boot. Now here is the issue:
  3. With Esc key, I could see that there are three devices listed to pick: (1) The main SAT drive, (2) Generic USB 0.0, (3) UEFI generic USB 0.0 -- out of these three, options (1) and (3) load Win7, and (2) is what loads Ubuntu.
  4. But when I get into BIOS using F2 key to change the boot order, I see only device options (1) and (3) listed there. Option (2) "Generic USB 0.0" is missing.
  5. So: the system cannot reboot into Ubuntu during installation process and the process is terminated every time the system restarts. Installation doesn't proceed even if I manually pick to install using Esc key. Is there anyway to ask BIOS to show the generic USB option? I have tested the USB on another machine, and also I have tried doing the same procedure using an ext.HDD only to see the same trend.

Please advice. Thanks.

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What is the exact option you are choosing Install ubuntu alongside Windows or Within Windows? Because within windows means wubi installation. If you are booting via usb it should not be wubi install.

For Dual boot:

No nothing can be done from ubuntu side to make BIOS understand the USB. Possibly a firmware bug in vendors firmware. See if there are any BIOS update available.

If updating BIOS / No update is there for BIOS. I would recommend to manually resize windows 7 disk and create partition for ubuntu and install ubuntu into it. In this method you don't need to reboot until installation is finished.

Here is a guide. There are many in internet and this site.

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Plug in your bootable pendrive

Go to your bios by presssing F2

Go to last option tab in BIOS where you will find list of bootable pendrive ( I dont know tab name(other than boot option) but one of the tab will list the bootable device attached)

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